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2015 Articles

Vol. 38, No. 1
Healthcare Policy Legislation and Administration, part 2

Health Insurance Information-Seeking Behaviors among Internet Users: An Exploratory Analysis to Inform Policies by ERLYANA ERLYANA, VERONICA ACOSTA-DEPREZ, HENRY O'LAWRENCE, TONY SINAY, JEREMY RAMIREZ EMMANUEL C. JACOT, and KYUYOUNG SHIM

Prostate Cancer Screening: PSA Test Awareness among Adult Males by MICHAEL OBANA and HENRY O'LAWRENCE

Payer Source for Single, Elderly Women in Nursing Homes by SAGE NAKAGAWA and HENRY O'LAWRENCE

Affordable Housing, Homelessness, and Mental Health: What Heath Care Policy Needs to Address by EDWARD J. MARTIN

Medical Brigades and Global Health: Millennium Development Goals and Developing Nations by MARK T. PORTMAN and EDWARD J. MARTIN

California State University Catastrophic (CAT) Leave Donation Program: Demographics, Economic Security and Social Equity by CHRISTINA MULLER

Vol. 38, No. 2
Serious Games for Health

Introduction. Healthcare Policy Legislation and Administration: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Of 2010 by JOHN CLOCHESY


Wait, Won’t! Want: Barriers to Health Care as Perceived by Medically and Socially Disenfranchised Communities by JOHN M. CLOCHESY, LISAANN S. GITTNER, RONALD L. HICKMAN, JR., JERRY E. FLOERSCH, and CARLA L. CARTEN

Be Heard: Healthcare Perspectives from Medically and Socially Disenfranchised Communities by LISAANN S. GITTNER, JOHN M. CLOCHESY, J. OMAR GUTIERREZ, and JAIME L. ROBINSON

Enhancing Communication Between Patients and Healthcare Providers: SBAR3 by JOHN M. CLOCHESY, MARY A. DOLANSKY, RONALD L. HICKMAN, JR., and LISAANN S. GITTNER

Impact of a Serious Game for Health on Chronic Disease Self-Management: Preliminary Efficacy among Community Dwelling Adults with Hypertension by RONALD L. HICKMAN, JR., JOHN M. CLOCHESY, MELISSA D. PINTO, CHRISTOPHER BURANT, and GRANT PIGNATIELLO

Empowering Patients to become Better Partners by LISAANN S. GITTNER

Vol. 38, No. 3

Lower Satisfaction among Hospitals that Disproportionately Treat Black Patients by GABRIEL S. TAJEU, ABBY SWANSON KAZLEY, and NIR MENACHEMI

Family Development Credential Training Impact on Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Human Service Workers by DEBORAH B. SMITH and NANCY E. DAY

Perspectives on Multidisciplinary Team Processes Among Healthcare Executives: Processes That Facilitate Team Effectiveness by AMY LANDRY and CATHLEEN ERWIN

Fee-Schedule Increases in Canada: Implication for Service Volumes among Family and Specialist Physicians by RUOLZ ARISTE

Vol. 37, No. 4
Healthcare Policy Legislation and Administration

Introduction. Healthcare Policy Legislation and Administration: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Of 2010 by EDWARD J. MARTIN

Making Federalism Work? The Politics of Intergovernmental Collaboration and the PPACA by PHILIP ROCCO

Medicare’s Future: Policy Ideas And The Coming Reform Debate by JAMES M. BRASFIELD

Arabic Translation and Adaptation of the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Patient Satisfaction Survey Instrument by JAMES DOCKINS, RAMZI ABUZAHRIEH, and MARTIN STACK

Single Article: The Importance and Value of Professional Membership of Nursing Home Administrators by NICHOLAS CASTLE, DOUGLAS M. OLSON, KATHRYN HYER, JOHN SHERIDAN, JAMIE FERGUSON-ROME, DAVID WOLF and ROBERT BURKE

2014 Articles

Vol. 37, No. 1

An Exploratory Study of Organization Design Configurations in Health Care Delivery Organizations by MICK SHEPPECK and JACK MILITELLO

Adopting Evidence-Based Medically Assisted Treatments in Substance Abuse Treatment Organizations: Roles of Leadership Socialization and Funding Streams by TERRY C. BLUM, CAROLYN D. DAVIS and PAUL M. ROMAN

A Longitudinal Model of the Dynamics Between HMOs’ Consumer-Friendliness and Preventive Health Care Utilization by QIAN XIAO, GRANT T. SAVAGE and WEILING ZHUANG

Organizational Capacity of Nonprofit Social Service Agencies by SHARON PAYNTER and MAUREEN BERNER

Vol. 37, No. 2
Lesbian and Gay Rights in America

Introduction: Challenges of Intergovernmental Management by CLAIRE MOSTEL and ERIK BERGRUD


Framing the Same Sex Marriage Decisions: The Context and the 180 Possibilities by WALLACE SWAN

Equal Treatment under the Law: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Same Sex Benefits Post-Windsor by LORENDA NAYLOR and J HAULSEE

Sexual Orientation and Mental Health: Incremental Progression or Radical Change? by HEATHER WYATT-NICHOL

African Americans, Proposition 8 and the Importance of Social Movements by RICHARD GREGGORY JOHNSON III

Second Parent Adoption: Same-Sex and the Best Interest of the Child by MARK EDWARD MAXWELL and GARY KELSEY

Vol. 37, No. 3
Articles in Honor of ASPA’s 75th anniversary

Introduction by AARON WACHHAUS

The Changing Role of Private, Nonprofit Organizations in the Development and Delivery of Human Services in the United States by DOROTHY NORRIS-TIRRELL

The Affordable Care Act and Incentivized Health Wellness Programs – A Tale Of Federalism and Shifting Administrative Burden by SANJEEV SIRPAL

An Uncertain Federalism: The States and the Affordable Care Act by L. CHRISTOPHER PLEIN

Initial Exploration of Newly Implemented Public Health Policy Using Geographic Information Systems: The Case of a U.S. Silver Alert Program by TAKASHI YAMASHITA, DAWN C. CARR and J. SCOTT BROWN

Vol. 36, No. 4

Who Pays? How Reimbursement Impacts the Emergency Department by LAVONNE DOWNEY

Linkages between Organization Climate and Work Outcomes: Perceptual Differences among Health Service Professionals as a Function of Customer Contact Intensity by DENNIS J. SCOTTI and JOEL HARMON

Organizational Restructuring, Government Control and Loss of Legitimacy Following an Organizational Crisis: The Case of Israel’s Nonprofit Human Services by RITA MANO and DENNIS ROSENBERG

Medical Service Use among Individuals Receiving HIV Prevention Services in Los Angeles County by ERLYANA ERLYANA, DENNIS G. FISHER, GRACE L. REYNOLDS and MICHAEL JANSEN

2013 Articles

Vol. 36, No. 1

Supply Chain Management with Cost-Containment & Financial-Sustainability in a Tertiary Care Hospital by HEM CHANDRA, ARVIND VASHISHTA RINKOO, JITENDRA KUMAR VERMA, SHUCHITA VERMA, RAKESH KAPOOR and R K SHARMA

Classifying and Comparing Fundraising Performance for Nonprofit Hospitals by CATHLEEN O. ERWIN

Organizations and Social Worker Well-Being: The Intra-Organizational Context of Practice And Its Impact on a Practitioner’s Subjective Well-Being by MICHEAL L. SHIER and JOHN R. GRAHAM

Vol. 36, No. 2
Exploring the Dynamics of Intergovernmental Relations: Studies in Health and Environmental Policy, Human Services, and Emergency Management

Introduction: Challenges of Intergovernmental Management by MICHAEL MCGUIRE

Comparative Federal Health Care Policy: Evidence of 124 Collaborative Federalism in Pakistan and Venezuela by DANIEL BARACSKAY

Assessment of Pandemic Preparedness in a Socially Vulnerable Community in South Texas by LINDA KILTZ, DIANA FONSECA, CHRISTINA RODRIGUEZ, and PAOLA MUNOZ

Decisional Inconsistencies in the Management of Contaminated, Sport-caught Fish by JEFFERY A. FORAN and CHUNRONG JIA

Faith-Based Partnerships and Foster Parent Satisfaction by MICHAEL HOWELL-MORONEY

Future Directions In Intergovernmental Relations by DANIEL BARACSKAY

Vol. 36, No. 3

The Use of the HIV Test: A Conflict Choice Approach by ROBERT W. BROYLES, ARI MWACHOFI and AMIR A. KHALIQ

A Profile of Solo/Two-Physician Practices by DOOHEE LEE

Physical Symptoms, Chronic and Life-Threatening Illness Trajectories Among Minority and Aging Populations by BEVERLY P. LYONS and HELISSE LEVINE

Home-Based Caregivers in Africa: Alliance Building, Advocacy And Policy Environments by PAMELA E. RANSOM and BECCA ASAKI

A Book Review of Foreign Remedies: What The Experience Of Other Nations Can Tell Us About Next Steps In Reforming U.S. Health Care by DENIZ ZEYNEP LEUENBERGER

Vol. 35, No. 4

The Golden Goose in the Crosshairs: The Transition to Defined Contribution Pension Plans in the Public Sector: Unintended Consequences by BRIAN R. JOHNSON

Exploring the Use of Grounded Theory as a Methodological Approach to Examine the 'Black Box' of Network Leadership In the National Quality Forum by A. BRYCE HOFLUND

Patient Assessment in Emergency Medical Services: Complexity and Uncertainty in Street-Level Patient Processing by ALEXANDER C. HENDERSON

2012 Articles

Vol. 35, No. 1
The Value of Health, Education and Human Services Collaboration: Learning from Analysis and Assessment

Introduction: Assessing the Multiple Dimensions of Collaboration by DOROTHY NORRIS-TIRRELL

Testing a Model of County Government Influence on Health Care Safety-Nets by HILLARY KNEPPER

Commentary: County Government Influence on Health Care Safety-Nets by DAVID MIRVIS

Inter-Organizational Relationships of Health Partnerships: Characteristics of the Fulton County SPARC Program by BRENDA A. SULLIVAN

Commentary: Interorganizational Relationships in Program Delivery by ANNA KATHRYN WORD

From Threat to Opportunity: A Head Start Program’s Response to State-Funded Pre-K by SHARON WROBEL

Commentary: A Head Start Program’s Response to State-Funded Pre-K by JASON A. SAKRAN

Human Service Delivery in a Multi-Tier System: The Subtleties of Collaboration among Partners by FRED MAYHEW

Commentary: Human Service Delivery and Interorganizational Relationships by REUBEN LESLIE

Symposium Conclusion: Future Research on the Dimensions of Collaboration by JOY A. CLAY

Vol. 35, No. 2

Experience and Education of Home Health Administrators and Nursing Home Administrators and the Relationship to Establishment Ownership by FREDERIC H. DECKER and SANDRA L. DECKER

Antenarratives to Inform Health Care Research: Exploring Workplace Illness Disclosure for People with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by MARGARET H. VICKERS

Management Challenges at the Intersection of Public Policy Environments and Strategic Decision Making in Public Hospitals by BEAUFORT LONGEST

Risk of Exposure to Second Hand Smoke for Adolescents in Las Vegas Casinos: An Evaluation of the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act by CHRISTOPHER COCHRAN, DOMINIC HENRIQUES, NANCY YORK and KIYOUNG LEE

Vol. 35, No. 3
Symposium: Health Communication’s Role in Policy Enactment and Implementation

Introduction to the Symposium by ANNE ZAHRADNIK

Commentary: Do’s and Don’ts of Public Relations for Government Health Care Administration by MORDECAI LEE

Building Relationships to Strategically Impact Community Initiatives to Reduce Teen Pregnancy by JOY A. CLAY LYNDA M. SAGRESTANO and RUTHBETH FINERMAN

Agenda-Building Influences in the News Media’s Coverage of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Push to Regulate Tobacco, 1993-2009 by CAROLINE FOSTER, JIM THRASHER , SEI-HILL KIM, INDIA ROSE, JOHN BESLEY, and ASHLEY NAVARRO

The Ups and Downs of Stem Cell Research: The Impact of Policy Uncertainty by TONI MARZOTTO and PATRICIA M. ALT

Book Review: Space, Place and Mental Health by SUSAN M. KOCHANOWSKI

Single Article A Call to Action: Increasing Health Providers in Underrepresented Populations through the Military by G.L.A. HARRIS, EVELYN L. LEWIS, and MARGARET CALLOWAY

Vol. 34, No. 4

Reducing Health Disparities: Medical Advice Received for Minorities With Diabetes by JOAN A. VACCARO and FATMA G. HUFFMAN

Is There an Association Between Local Health Department Organizational And Administrative Factors and Childhood Immunization Coverage Rates? by JAMES RANSOM, KATHERINE SCHAFF, and LILLY KAN

Benefits and Costs of a Free Community-Based Primary Care Clinic by ANGELA R. FERTIG, PHAEDRA S. CORSO and DIVYA BALASUBRAMANIAM

Organizational Change for Services Integration in Public Human Service Organizations: Experiences in Seven Counties by THOMAS PACKARD, RINO PATTI, DONNA DALY and JENNIFER TUCKER-TATLOW

2011 Articles

Vol. 34, No. 1
Symposium on Training and Development in the Health and Human Services Sector

Introduction by LOUIS TIETJE

21st Century Community Learning Centers—Improving the Academic Performance of At-Risk Students: A Bronx Tale by ARLEEN T. DODD and LIZETTE M. BOWEN

Healthcare Managers’ Perceptions of Professional Development and Organizational Support by GULCIN GUMUS, NANCY BORKOWSKI, GLORIA J. DECKARD and KAREN J. MARTEL

Adoption of an Algorithm and Client Pathway for the Aged and Disabled: Training Implications for the Health and Human Service Sectors by ANNE M. HEWITT, PATRICIA A. POLANSKY, NANCY DAY NANCY FIELD and ALICE MOORE

Human Capital Management in Government: Replacing Government Retirees by YVONNE J. KOCHANOWSKI

Single Article: Health Services Utilization, Satisfaction, and Attachment to a Regular Source of Care among Participants in an Urban Health Provider Alliance by DAVID B. TATAW, S. BAZARGAN-HEJAZI and F W. JAMES

Vol. 34, No. 2

Reducing Healthcare Disparities in the Military through Cultural Competence by G.L.A. HARRIS

Management of Human Resources Associated with Misuse ofPrescription Drugs: Analysis of a National Survey by DOOHEE LEE and MICHAEL W. ROSS

Examining the Social, Emotional and Behavioral Needs of Youth Involved in the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems by SUSAN NEELY-BARNES and KATHERYN WHITTED

Economic Impact of Public Sector Spending on Health Care by RONALD JOHN HY

Book Review: Rethinking Geographies of Disability by MARGARET H. VICKERS

Vol. 34, No. 3

Practical Nurses’ Health and Safety in Nursing Homes by MARY VAL PALUMBO, VICKI MCLAUGHLIN, BARBARA MCINTOSH and BETTY RAMBUR

Health Disparity: Time Delay in the Treatment of Breast Cancer in Louisiana by RIAZ FERDAUS, MIN SU KIM and JAMES S. LARSON

Asthma Education Information Source Preferences and their Relationship to Asthma Knowledge by ANNE ZAHRADNIK

Evaluation of Cross-Disciplinary Training on the Co-Occurrence of Domestic Violence and Child Victimization: Overcoming Barriers to Collaboration by STEPHEN M. HAAS, SIMON BAUER-LEFFLER and ERICA TURLEY

Vol. 33, No. 4

Racial Disparities in Stroke Awareness: African Americans and Caucasians by MOHAMAD G. ALKADRY, RUCHI BHANDARI, CHRISTINA S. WILSON and BRANDI BLESSETT

Municipal Health Policy Development, Planning and Implementation: Addressing Youth Risk Factors through Participatory Governance by DAVID B. TATAW and BERNARDO ROSA- LUGO JR

Access To Enforcement and Disciplinary Data: Information Practices of State Health Professional Regulatory Boards of Dentistry, Medicine and Nursing by DENISE E. STRONG

Book Review: Educating Professionals: Practice Learning in Health and Social Care by JENNIFER LIGGINS

2010 Articles

Vol. 33, No. 1

Cultural Competence: Its Promise for Reducing Healthcare Disparities by G.L.A. HARRIS

Social Support as a Predictor of HIV Testing in at-Risk Populations: A Research Note by ASHLEY GROSSO

The Effect of Rurality and Gender on Stroke Awareness of Adults in West Virginia by MOHAMAD G. ALKADRY and LESLIE E. TOWER

The Impact of the National Practitioner Data Bank on Licensing Actions by State Medical Licensing Boards by PAUL JESILOW and JULIANNE OHLANDER


Vol. 33, No. 2

Federalism, Intergovernmental Relations, and The Challenge of the Medically Uninsurable: A Retrospective on High Risk Pools in the States by L. CHRISTOPHER PLEIN

The Influence of Environmental and Organizational Factors on Hospitals’ Clinical IT Sophistication by QIAN XIAO, GRANT T. SAVAGE and WEILING ZHUANG

Illness Onset as Status Passage for People with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by MARGARET H. VICKERS

Impact of the Health Services Utilization and Improvement Model (HUIM) on Self Efficacy and Satisfaction among a Head Start Population by DAVID B. TATAW and SHAHRZAD BAZARGAN-HEJAZI

Book Review Essay: Revised And Reconsidered: Two Contemporary Looks at the Economics of Healthcare by HELISSE LEVINE

Vol. 33, No. 3
New Tools and Analyses for Reducing Disproportionality in Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice

Introduction: Race, Class, and the Child Welfare System by LEROY H. PELTON

Social Service Availability & Proximity and the Over-Representation of Minority Children in Child Welfare by EDWINA L. DORCH, JAKE BATHMAN, DAVID FOSTER, LAURA INGELS, CHONGMYOUNG LEE, CLAUDIA MIRAMONTES, and JO YOUNGBLOOD

How Legal Communities Can Use Research to Drive Improvement: A Response to Dorch, et. al. by TIM JAASKO-FISHER

Measuring Change in Disproportionality and Disparities: Three Diagnostic Tools by BRAD RICHARDSON and DENNETTE DEREZOTES

A Critique of Measures that Assess Community Efforts to Reduce Disproportionality and Disparities in Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Agencies by ANITA P. BARBEE

Disproportionality at The “Front End” of the Child Welfare Services System: An Analysis of Rates of Referrals, “Hits,” “Misses,” and “False Alarms” by JERYL L. MUMPOWER

Who Gets a Second Chance? An Investigation of Ohio’s Blended Juvenile Sentence by FRED L. CHEESMAN II, NICOLE L. WATERS and HUNTER HURST IV

Afterword by WILLIAM C. BELL

Vol. 32, No. 4
Symposium: Nonprofit Organizations as Key Partners in the Development, Delivery, and Evaluation of Health and Human Services


Medicaid Fee for Service Reimbursement and the Delivery of Human Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities or Severe Mental Illness: Negotiating Cost by MELISSA A. WALKER and JASON E. OSTERHAUS

Using Community Based Assessments to Strengthen Nonprofit-Government Collaboration and Service Delivery by BETH E. ESCHENFELDER

Enhancing Long-Term Care for Older Adults: An Exploration of Interagency Collaboration within Geriatric Education Centers by CHANNING R. FORD, JENNIFER HENDERSON, and DONNA MILAM HANDLEY

The Importance of Performance Assessment in Local Government Decisions to Fund Health and Human Services Nonprofit Organizations by SHANNON K. VAUGHAN

2009 Articles

Vol. 32, No. 1

Community Capacity for Cancer Prevention by PAMELA E. RANSOM, YING WEI and STEVEN D. STELLMAN

Health Literacy and English Language Comprehension among Elderly Inpatients at an Urban Safety-Net Hospital by KRISTINA M. CORDASCO, STEVEN M. ASCH, IDALID FRANCO and CAROL M. MANGIONE

Knowledge, Behaviour, Perceptions and Attitudes of University of Ghana Students Towards HIV/AIDS: What does Behavioural Surveillance Survey Tell Us? by MICHAEL TAGOE and R.A. AGGOR

Drug Treatment Program Compliance and Resistance Activities during Implementation of California’s Proposition 36 by GRACE REYNOLDS

The Effects of Involvement and Ad Type on Attitudes toward Direct-To-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs by YAM LIMBU and IVONNE M. TORRES

Vol. 32, No. 2

The Implications of Policy Pre-Post Test Scores for Street-Level Bureaucratic Discretion by EDWINA L. DORCH

Staff Perceptions of the Benefits of Religion in Health and Human Services Nonprofits: Evidence from International Development by SHAWN TERESA FLANIGAN

Structural Relationships between Work Environment and Service Quality Perceptions as a Function of Customer Contact Intensity: Implications for Human Service Strategy by DENNIS J. SCOTTI, JOEL HARMON, and SCOTT J. BEHSON

Vol. 32, No. 3


Multi-Criteria Assessment of County Public Health Capability Disparities. by MIGUEL A. ZUNIGA, GENNY CARRILLO-ZUNIGA, YOON HO SEOL, and PETER J. FOS

HIV Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices among College Students in the United States. by JOSEPH INUNGU, VINCENT MUMFORD, MUSTAFA YOUNIS, and SARA LANGFORD

Diabetes Self Management: Are Cuban Americans Receiving Quality Health Care? by FATMA G. HUFFMAN, JOAN A. VACCARO, SUBRATA NATH, and GUSTAVO G. ZARINI

Self-Care Practices, Health Beliefs, and Attitudes of Older Diabetic Chinese Americans by GAIL WASHINGTON and MING FANG WANG-LETZKUS

The Case for Regulatory Reform in the Business and Healthcare Environments by MUSTAFA Z. YOUNIS, BELAL BARHEM, SAMIR HAMIDI, JOSEPH INUNGU, GWENDOLYN S. PRATER, and ARTHUR OKEEFE

Mentoring and Organisational Constraints as Predictors of Attitudes to Work in the Nigerian Public Health Sector by DAVID E. OKURAME

Vol. 31, No. 4
Symposium: Humanism in Health Care Management


Ten Approaches for Enhancing Empathy in Health and Human Services Cultures by MOHAMMADREZA HOJAT

The Health Care Leader as Humanist by ANNE OSBORNE KILPATRICK

Caring Science and Human Caring Theory: Transforming Personal and Professional Practices of Nursing and Health Care by JEAN WATSON

Humanism in Nursing Homes: The Impact of Top Management by NICHOLAS G. CASTLE, JAMIE C. FERGUSON, and KEVIN HUGHES

Organizational and Individual Perspectives on Caring In Hospitals by DAVID R. GRABER

2008 Articles

Vol. 31, No. 1
Health and Economic Development

Introduction to the Symposium by JOY A. CLAY and DAVID M. MIRVIS

A Portrait of the Delta: Enduring Hope and Enduring Despair by TONYA T. NEAVES, NEAL FEIRABEND, CHARLES CALEB BUTTS, and W. LEE WEISKOPF

Health as an Economic Engine: Evidence for the Importance of Health in Economic Development by DAVID M. MIRVIS, CYRIL F. CHANG, and ARTHUR COSBY

The Health of the Delta Region: A Story of Increasing Disparities by ARTHUR G. COSBY and DIANA M. BOWSER

Still a Long Way to Go for the Lower Mississippi Delta by JOHN E. GNUSCHKE, STANLEY HYLAND, JEFFREY WALLACE, RYAN HANSON, and STEPHEN SMITH

The Population Health and Income Nexus in the Mississippi River Delta Region and Beyond by DAVID E. BLOOM and DIANA M. BOWSER

Am I My Brother’s Keeper? A Proposal to Determine State Governments’ Affirmative Duty to Advance Public Health by KEVIN W. RYAN, PAULA CARD-HIGGINSON, and JOSEPH W. THOMPSON

Health and Economic Development: Reframing the Pathway by DAVID M. MIRVIS and JOY A. CLAY

Commentary: Reflections on the Culture of the Lower Mississippi Delta: Challenges and Opportunities by STANLEY HYLAND

Commentary: Health and Economics in the Mississippi Delta: Problems, Opportunities by BARRY H. SMITH

Commentary: Health and Economic Development in the Mississippi Delta Region by GARTH N. GRAHAM

Vol. 31, No. 2

Establishing Values-Based Leadership and Value Systems in Healthcare Organizations by DAVID R. GRABER and ANNE OSBORNE KILPATRICK

Variation in Infant Birth Weight: Socioeconomic Factors Versus Medical Conditions by KENNITH G. HUNTER AND M. MARK TASLIMI

Workplace Lactation Program: A Nursing Friendly Initiative by MICHELLE A. ANGELETTI

Does Providing Uninsured Adults with Free or Low-Cost Primary Care Influence Their Use of Hospital Emergency Departments? by ANNE G. ZAHRADNIK

HMOs’ Consumer-Friendliness and Preventive Health Care Utilization: Exploratory Findings from the 2002 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey by QIAN XIAO and GRANT T. SAVAGE

Vol. 31, No. 3

Mental Health Services Availability and Admission of the Seriously Mentally Ill from the Emergency Department by CHARLES MOSELEY, JAY SHEN and CHRISTOPHER COCHRAN

Why Public Health Needs Relationship Management by KURT WISE

Organizational Characteristics, Financial Performance Measures, and Funding Sources of Faith Based Organizations by LYNNE LAMPKIN and KAMALA RAGHAVAN

Working Toward a Conceptual Definition of Child Neglect by CONNIE M. TANG

Infant Mortality in Southern States: A Bureaucratic Nightmare by CHARLES E. MENIFIELD and JACOB DAWSON

Vol. 30, No. 4
Treatments, Services, and Care Provided to People with Chronic Illness and Disability

Providing Appropriate Services to Individuals in the Community: A Preliminary Case-Mix Model for Allocating Personal Care Services by CHARLES D. PHILLIPS, JAMES DYER, VIT JANOUSEK, LISA HALPERIN, and CATHERINE HAWES

Advance Directives for Health Care among Older Community Residents by WILLIAM J. MCAULEY, MEGAN E. MCCUTCHEON, and SHIRLEY S. TRAVIS

Weight Counseling for Elderly Patients in Primary Care: How Often and How Much Time by THOMAS TAI-SEALE, MING TAI-SEALE, and WEIMIN ZHANG

Outsourcing Veterans for Long Term Care: Comparison of Community and State Veterans' Nursing Homes by ALEXANDRE LABERGE, ROBERT WEECH-MALDONADO, CHRISTOPHER E. JOHNSON, HUANGUANG JIA, and LLOYD DEWALD

Health Implications of Physical Activity in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury: A Literature Review by BO FERNHALL, KEVIN HEFFERNAN, SAE YOUNG JAE, and BRAD HEDRICK

Evaluating Heart Disease Prescriptions-Filled as a Proxy for Heart Disease Prevalence Rates by RONALD E. COSSMAN, JERALYNN S. COSSMAN, WESLEY L. JAMES, TROY BLANCHARD, RICHARD K. THOMAS, LOUIS G. POL, ARTHUR G. COSBY, and DAVID M. MIRVIS

2007 Articles

Vol. 30, No. 1
Prescription Drug Expenditures for Elderly Americans

Introduction by SHADI SALEH

Effect of Local Competition on the Willingness of Community Pharmacies to Supply Medication Therapy Managemant Services by JOHN M. BROOKS, DONALD G. KLEPSER, JULIE M. URMIE, KAREN B. FARRIS, and WILLIAM R. DOUCHETTE

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Financial Burden of Prescription Drugs among Older Americans by K. TOM XU and TYRONE F. BORDERS

The Effect of Insurance Type on Prescription Drug Use and Expenditures among Elderly Medicare Beneficiaries by SHADI S. SALEH, WENDY WELLER, and EDWARD HANNAN

Utilization of Prescription Medications and Ancillary Pharmacy Services among Rural Elders in West Texas: Distance Barriers and Implications for Telepharmacy by BRIAN COLLINS, TYRONE F. BORDERS, KRISTEN TEBRINK, and KE TOM XU

Meaning in Motivation: Does Your Organization Need an Inner Life? by EILEEN E. MORRISON, GEORGE C. BURKE III, and LLOYD GREENE

Vol. 30, No. 2

Beyond Self-Actualization by LLOYD GREENE and GEORGE BURKE

HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh: The Role of Government in Health and Human Services Administration by SHAKEEL AHMED IBNE MAHMOOD

Public Health Coalitions: Patterns and Perceptions in State Immunization Programs by HELEN MORROW, BRIAN K. COLLINS, and DAVID R. SMITH

Study of American and Chinese Family Members' Evaluations on Institutionalized Care for Their Older Parents: Potential Development in the Future by YUSHI (BONI) LI and ANNIE BUECHEL

Integrating Health and Social Services for Older Adults: A Case Study of Interagency Collaboration by AMANDA VOGEL, PAMELA RANSOM, SIDIQUE WAI, and DARIA LUISI

Vol. 30, No. 3
People with Chronic Illness and Disability

Quality Of Life In People With Multiple Sclerosis: Data From The Sonya Slifka Longitudinal Multiple Sclerosis Study by NING WU, SARAH L. MINDEN, DAVID C. HOAGLIN, LOUISE HADDEN, and DEBRA FRANKEL

Working Age Medicare Beneficiaries with Disabilities: Population Characteristics and Policy Considerations by JAE KENNEDY and IULIA BALBACH TULEU

Disability in Alzheimer’s Disease: Causes, Consequences, and Economic Considerations by GEORGE J. DEMAKIS

How Well Are We Doing Addressing Disability in America? Examining the Status of Adults with Chronic Disabling Conditions, 1995 and 2005 by JANE NELSON BOLIN

The Impact of Having a Young Child with Disabilities on Maternal Labor Supply by Race and Marital Status by GEORGE L. WEHBY and ROBERT L. OHSFELDT

The Road to Empowerment: A Historical Perspective on the Medicalization of Disability by JEANNE HAYES and ELIZABETH “LISA” M. HANNOLD

Vol. 29, No. 4

Effect of Institutional Mechanisms on Nursing Home Quality by NING JACKIE ZHANG and THOMAS WAN

Is Fun for Everyone? Personality Differences in Healthcare Providers' Attitudes Toward Fun by KATHERINE A. KARL, JOY V. PELUCHETTE, and LYNN HARLAND

Restructuring the Multi-Professional Organization: Professional Identity and Adjustment to Change in a Public Hospital by VICTOR J. CALLAN, CYNTHIA GALLOIS, MELISSA G. MAYHEW, TIM A. GRICE, MALGORZATA TLUCHOWSKA, and ROSALIE BOYCE

2006 Articles

Vol. 29, No. 1

Burnout and Psychological Stress among Deans of Colleges of Medicine: A National Study by DAVID M. MIRVIS, MARSHALL J. GRANEY, LESLIE INGRAM, JUN TANG, and ANNE OSBORNE KILPATRICK

Comparison of Job and Career Satisfaction Between Women Physicians and Women Academicians at the American University of Beirut by NATHALIE ZGHEIB, PHILIPPE W. ZGEHEIB, and JINAN USTA

What Can Community Organizations Do for Tobacco Control? by PAMELA RANSOM and DONNA SHELLEY

Managing Meaning for Strategic Change: The Role of Perception and Meaning Congruence by WESLEY SCROGGINS

Measuring Costs of Child Abuse and Neglect: A Mathematic Model of Specific Cost Estimations by CYNTHIA CONRAD

What's behind the Data: An Examination of the Processes and Policies Underlying the Routine Collection of Clinical Data in Ontario by PAULA BLACKSTEIN-HIRSCH, RUTH CROXFORD, VIRGINIA FLINTOFT, and ADALSTEINN D. BROWN

Vol. 29, No. 2
Victims and Victimization, Part 1

Introduction by BRIAN PAYNE

Police Response to Victims of Domestic and Non-Domestic Violence by IVAN SUN

Domestic Violence and Diversity: A Call for Multicultural Services by MELVINA SUMTER

Sexual Assault Victim Advocates in Virginia: Challenges Faced in the Field by DIANNE CARMODY

Sexual Abuse of Older Adults: Appropriate Responses for Health and Human Services Providers by JODI TEITELMAN

Child Maltreatment and Domestic Violence: Human Services Issues by JONATHAN K. APPEL and DOHEE KIM-APPEL

Caregiver Burden, Elder Abuse, and Alzheimer's Disease: Testing the Relationship by RANDY GAINEY and BRIAN PAYNE

Vol. 29, No. 3
Victims and Victimization, Continued

Exploring Assumtions about Child Neglect in Relation to the Broader Field of Child Maltreatment by KAREN POLONKO

The Emergency Department and Victims of Sexual Violence: An Assessment of Preparedness to Help by STACEY PLICHTA, TANCY VANDECAR-BURDIN, REBECCA ODOR, SHANI REAMS, and YAN ZHANG

Faith-Based versus Secular Providers of Social Services - Differences in What, How, and Where by ELIZABETH GRADDY and KE YE

The Development of the U.S. Health Care System and the Contemporary Role of the Public Health Department by CATHERINE GROTT

Urban/Rural Differences in Access and Barriers to Health Care for People with Multiple Sclerosis by ROBERT J. BUCHANAN, ALEXA STUIFBERGEN, BONNIE J. CHAKRAVORTY, SUOJIN WANG, LI ZHU, and MYUNGSUK KIM

Vol. 28, No. 4
Entrepreneurship in Health and Human Services Organizations

Introduction by KRISTINA L. GUO and TERRY F. BUSS

Barriers to Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Organizations by FRANK S. PHILLIPS and ANDREW N. GARMAN

Health Care Entrepreneurship: Financing Innovation by KYLE L. GRAZIER and BRIDGET METZLER

Entrepreneurship Management in Health Services: An Integrative Model by KRISTINA L. GUO

Entrepreneurial Organizations: The Driving Force for Improving Quality in the Healthcare Industry by NANCY BORKOWSKI and JEAN GORDON

A Diagnostic Approach to Understanding Entrepreneurship in Healthcare by KARL J. MCCLEARY, PATRICK A. RIVERS, and EUGENE S. SCHNELLER

2005 Articles

Vol. 28, No. 1

A Systems View of Health Promotion by JOHN UREDA and STEVEN YATES

An Exploration of Medical Professionals' Perceptions of Managed Care and Policy Concepts: A Magnitude Estimation Approach by MICHAEL L. HALL and JOHN FOLDY

Behavioral Anchors: Building a Medical Center on Solid Foundations by MARTIN L. DOORDAN and RONALD J. STUPAK

Health Seeking Behaviors of African Americans: Implications for Health Administration by BARBARA HEWINS-MARONEY, ALICE SCHUMAKER, and ETHEL WILLIAMS

The Effects of Case Mix on Hospital Costs and Revenues in Managed Care Environments by KEON-HYUNG LEE, GLENN A. MELNICK and ROBERT C. MYRTLE

Utilization of Hospital Services among Older Rural Persons: A Comparison of Critical Access Hospitals and Community Hospitals by BRIAN K. COLLINS and TYRONE F. BORDERS

Vol. 28, No. 2
Communication Effectiveness in Public Health, Part 1

Introduction by KURT WISE

Assessing Communications Effectiveness in Meeting Corporate Goals of Public Health Organizations by GORDON D. BROWN, KENNETH D. BOPP, and SUZANNE AUSTIN BOREN

Communication Between Public Health Agencies and their External Stakeholders by BEAUFORT B. LONGEST, JR and WESLEY M. ROHRER

Rublic Relations Effectiveness in Public Health Institutions by JEFFREY K. SPRINGSTON and RUTH ANN WEAVER LARISCY

An Ethnographic Study of Nursing Home Culture to Define Organizational Realities of Culture Change by MARIAN T. DEUTSCHMAN

Evaluating Public Relations Effectiveness in a Health Care Setting: The Identification of Communication Assets and Liabilities via a Communication Audit by JULIE K. HENDERSON

Vol. 28, No. 3

Racial Differences in Health Care Use Among Medicare Only and Dual Eligibles by SANGHO MOON and JAEUN SHIN

Hospital Choice by Rural Medicare Beneficiaries: Does Hospital Ownership Matter? - A Colorado Case by CHUL-YOUNG ROH and KEON-HYUNG LEE

Enforcement of Commercial Violations by Health Professional Regulatory Boards: A Research Note by DENISE STRONG

Another Evolvement of the Cost and Risk Shifting Model: Consumer-Driven Health Plans by SHADI SALEH and PETER LEVIN

Co-Morbidity in and Elderly Patient Population: Are the Risks of Co-Existing Conditions Differentially Distributed? by ROBERT W. BROYLES, AMIR A. KHALIQ, and MADELINE J. ROBERTSON

Home Health Care Services: Management and Effectiveness in Changes Times by ROBERT SHICK and WARREN BALINSKY

Vol. 27, No. 4
Education, Training, and Development of Healthcare Managers and Executives


An Expedited Model for Health Care Administration Programs at the Gradutae Level by STEVE HENSON, STEPHEN CROW, and SANDRA HARTMAN

Key Tasks in Healthcare Marketing: Assessing Importance and Current Level of Knowledge by PAMELA KENNETT, STEVE HENSON, STEPHEN CROW, and SANDRA HARTMAN

Defining and Implementing Arsenic Policies in Bangladesh: Possible Roles for Public and Private Sector Actors by SHAKEEL AHMED IBNE MAHMOOD and CAROLYN BALL

Identifying Health Care Quality Attributes by ROSHNEE RAMSARAN-FOWDAR

Healthcare Management-Training and Education in the Genomic Era by MICHELA BETTA and VAL CLULOW

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Guidelines for Educating Healthcare Managers by ROBERT ROBINSON, GERALYN FRANKLIN, CATHIE TINNEY, STEPHEN CROW, and SANDRA HARTMAN

Vol. 27, No. 4
Rediscovering the Administrative State: A New Appreciation for the Role of Government in Health and Human Services Administration, Part 1


An Expedited Model for Health Care Administration Programs at the Gradutae Level by STEVE HENSON, STEPHEN CROW, and SANDRA HARTMAN

Key Tasks in Healthcare Marketing: Assessing Importance and Current Level of Knowledge by PAMELA KENNETT, STEVE HENSON, STEPHEN CROW, and SANDRA HARTMAN

Defining and Implementing Arsenic Policies in Bangladesh: Possible Roles for Public and Private Sector Actors by SHAKEEL AHMED IBNE MAHMOOD and CAROLYN BALL

Identifying Health Care Quality Attributes by ROSHNEE RAMSARAN-FOWDAR

Healthcare Management-Training and Education in the Genomic Era by MICHELA BETTA and VAL CLULOW

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Guidelines for Educating Healthcare Managers by ROBERT ROBINSON, GERALYN FRANKLIN, CATHIE TINNEY, STEPHEN CROW, and SANDRA HARTMAN

2004 Articles

Vol. 27, No. 1
Quality Improvement in Public Sector Healthcare Organizations


Quality Improvement in a Federally Funded Community Funded Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program by CHRISTOPHER R. COCHRAN, CHARLES B. MOSELEY, and JAMES W. PELTIER

End-User Perceptions of a Computerized Medication System: Is There Resistance to Change? by LARRY A. MALATO and SOONHEE KIM

Re-Engineering the Los Angeles County Public Health Care Safety Net: Recommendations from a Blue Ribbon Health Task Force by LOUIS RUBINO and WILLIAM J. FRENCH

A Cohort Study of Current and Former Medicaid in Two North Carolina Counties, 1996-1999 by WILLIAM P. BRANDON, ROSEMARY V. CHAUDRY, NANCY B. SCHOEPS, and BETSY J. WALSH

Vol. 27, No. 2
Rediscovering the Administrative State: A New Appreciation for the Role of Government in Health and Human Services Administration, Part 1


Suicid Prevention: A Vital National Public Health Issue by BARBARA D'ORIO and STEVEN J. GARLOW

The Importance of Public Sector Health Care in an Underserved Population by HOWARD P. GREENWALD, SUZANNE O'KEEFE, and MARKE DICAMILLO

The Privatization of Human Services: Myths, Social Capital, and Civil Society by LAWRENCE L. MARTIN

The State of Children's Health Insurance Program: Has It Reduced the Percentage of Uninsured Children? by CHARLES E. MENIFELD and AUDWIN FLETCHER

Activism in an Age of Restraint: The Resiliency of Administrative Structure in Implementing the State Children's Health Insurance Program by L. CHRISTOPHER PLEIN

Vol. 27, No. 3
Rediscovering the Administrative State: A New Appreciation for the Role of Government in Health and Human Services Administration, Part 2

State, Heal Thy Physicians: An Assessment of the Louisiana Natural Death Act by PAMELA FRANK, PETER L. CRUISE, SHARON K. PARSONS, RONALD STUTES and SCOTT FRUCHTER

From "Taxed" Health to Excise Tax: Ethical Accountability and the Fight for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs on the National and State Levels by PATRICIA M. WIGFALL

Accountability in Social Service Contracting the State Action Doctrine and Beyond by CHRISTINE LUDOWISE

The Evolution of the Management System of Hospitals in Greece by ARISTIDIS-DIMITRIOS ALEXIADIS

Differences in U.S. Hospital Service Utilization between Traditional Medicare and Medicare HMO Patients by LEE REVERE and ALAN SEAR

Vol. 26, No. 4

Responding to a Crisis: A Stakeholder Analysis of Community Health Organizations by GRANT T. SAVAGE, JERI W. DUNKIN, and DAVID M. FORD

Goldratt's Thinking Process Applied to the Budget Constraints of a Texax MHMR Facility by LLOYD J. TAYLOR, III and LANA CHURCHWELL

The Social Security Amendments of 1960: Completing the Foundation for Medicare and Medicaid by ROBERT ANDREWS PETERS

Mergers and the New Workplace: The Effects of a Merger of Two Emergency Departments on Nursing Staff by MARTIN LEES and GINA TAYLOR

Evaluating Emergency Medical Services: Controlling the Rising Cost of Saving Lives by JERRY DAVIS, ROSEANN KUHNS, and DOUGLAS J. WATSON

2003 Articles

Vol. 26, No. 1
Community Health Stakeholders

Introduction by PETER C. OLDEN

A Stakeholder Approach to Community Health Management by E. JOSE PROENCA

Hospital and Community Health: Going from Stakeholder Management to Stakeholder Collaboration by PETER C. OLDEN

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Community Health Partnerships: A Stakeholder Accountability Approach by ROBERT WEECH-MALDONADO, KEITH J. BENSON, and LARRY D. GAMM

Sole Hospital Commitment to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (HPDP) Services: Does Ownership Count? by MEL ZHAO, HENRY J. CARRETTA, and ROBERT E. HURLEY

Creating Partnership Synergy: The Critical Role of Community Stakeholders by ROZ D. LASKER and ELISA S. WEISS

Vol. 26, No. 2
Quality Improvement And Disadvantaged People: Quality Improvement Organizations’ Activities Reducing Disparities, Part 1


Health Care Disparities in Disadvantaged Medicare Beneficiaries: A National Project Review by JOHN H. HEBB, DAWN FITZGERALD, and WEIHONG FAN

Understanding Differences in Influenza Immunization Rates: A Survey of African-American and Caucasian Medicare Beneficiaries in Texas by ROBERT L. ABEL, PAUL McGAHA, ROBERT YOUNG, MARK BING, TERESA FORAN, and BRIAN OAKS

Critical Elements in the Design of Culturally Appropriate Interventions Intended to Reduce Health Disparities: Immunization Rates Among Hispanic Seniors in New Mexico by CELINDA LEVY, SUSAN CARTER, GALINA PRILOUTSKAYA, and GERTRUDE GALLEGOS

An Evaluation of a Medicaid Managed Maternity Program: The Impact of Comprehensive Care Coordination on Utilization and Pregnancy Outcomes by CARROLL S. NASON, GREG R. ALEXANDER, MARY ANN PASS, and JOHN M. BOLLAND

Vol. 26, No. 3
Quality Improvement And Disadvantaged People: Quality Improvement Organizations’ Activities Reducing Disparities, Part 2

The Dual Enrolled as a Disadvantaged Population: Developing Culturally Informed Interventions for Tennessee Medicare/Medicaid Women by RUTHBETH FINERMAN, CHRISTINA BLANCHARD-HORAN, STACY JOWERS, and SUSAN BRITTMAN

Reducing Disparities in Utilization of Mammography: Reaching Dually Eligible Women in Connecticut by JUDITH BARR, MICHELLE KELVEY-ALBERT, MAUREEN CURRY, ALISA GAUDIOSI, KATIE TESTA, ANNE ELWELL, MARCIA PETRILLO, and THOMAS P. MEEHAN

A Program of Interventions Designed to Increase Mammography Rates in Women Ages 50 Years and Older for an Undeserved Racial Minority by GAIL STELGER, JUDITH SAMKOFF, and JUDY KAROULLAS

Reporting a Health Quality Improvement Project for Reducing the Disparity in Screening Mammography Among Senior African-American Women by EDWARD R. SOBEL and CINDY MANNIS

Reducing Disparities in Lipid Testing for African-American Diabetes: Interim Reporting by KRISTIN M. MICHALOWSKI, JAY A. GOLD, DEBRA L. MORSE, and JOSEPH N. BLUESTEIN

Vol. 25, No. 4

High Performance Public Health: Agencies' Strategic Management Capabilities by ERIC W. FORD, REBECCA WELLS, and STUART A. CAPPER

The Use of Hospital Care: Do Insurance Status, Propective Payment, and the Unit of Payments Make a Difference? by AMIR A. KHALIQ, ROBERT W. BROYLES, and MADELINE ROBERTSON

HMO Middle Manager Perceptions of the Legality of Specified Practices by ROBIN T. PETERSON

Protecting the Public Interest: Issues in Contracting Managed Behavioral Health by JULIA E. ROBINSON and THOMAS CLAY

Linking Public Relations Processes and Organizational Effectiveness at a State Health Department by KURT WISE

2002 Articles

Vol. 25, No. 1
Psychological Burnout VIII


The Changing Psychological Contract at Work and Employee Burnout by AYALA MALACH PINES

The Phase Model of burnout and Employee Turnover by ERIC A. GOODMAN and R. WAYNE BOSS

Regional Variations in Burnout Rates in a Natural Resources Agency by DOUGLAS M. IHRKE and THERESA L. JOHNSON

Life and Liberty: The Power of Positive Purpose by BRIAN A. GRAGNOLATI and RONALD J. STUPAK

Hospital Restructuring and Burnout by ESTHER R. GREENGLASS and RONALD J. BURKE

The Burnout Risk for Male Caregivers in Providing Care to Spouses Afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease by LARRY HUBBELL and KELLY HUBBELL

Vol. 25, No. 2
Interorganizational Collaboration among Health and Social Services Providers

Introduction by MELISSA BIEL

Coordination among Health Care Stakeholders: Effects on State Health Policy Choices by SHEILA KENNELLY McGINNIS

Environmental Uncertainty and Colloboration among California Nonprofit Hospitals by MELISSA BIEL

Toward a More Strategic Approach to Community Engagement - A Commentary by KEVIN BARNETT

Toward a More Strategic Approach to Community Engagement - A Response to the Commentary by Kevin Barnett by PAUL A. HATTIS

Internal Capacity to Support a Strategic Plan of Community Engagement - A Response to the Commentary by Kevin Barnett by PATRICK O'DONNELL

The Networks and Resources Exchanges in Community - Based Systems of Care by JUDY Y. YIP, ROBERT C. MYRTLE, KATHLEEN H. WILBER, and DAVID N. GRAZMAN

Vol. 25, No. 3

Managing the Quality of Health Care by JAMES S. LARSON ANDREAS MULLER

The Occupational, Safety, and Health of Florida Farm Workers: Environmental Justice in the Fields by M. CELESTE MURPHY-GREENE

Nonprofit Ownership and Quality in Medicaid's Long-Term Care Program for Persons with Developmental Disabilities by SAMUEL L. BROWN

Change in the U.S. Health Care System: Effects on Physician Retirement and Implications for Health Care Managers by BAHMAN BAHRAMI, JOHN ELDER, and SARAH JACOBSON

Interorganizational Networks: Using a Theoretical Model to Predict Effectiveness of Rural Health Care Delivery Networks by ALICE M. SCHUMAKER

Vol. 24, No. 4
Highlights: Community Engagement in Health and Human Services Policy - A Symposium

Introduction by DANIELLE HOLLAR

Making Room for Citizens at the Public Policy Table by SUSAN REUTHER, TAM ST. CLAIRE, and JULIA COFFMAN

Engaging Community Members in Health Policy Processes: A Mississippi Example by BRIAN THARP and DANIELLE HOLLAR

Training Community Members for Action: Washington's Action Training Network by PAOLA MARANAN

Long-Term Care Insurance and Public Plicy: An Analysis of Obstacles to Utilization by CYNTHIA E. CONRAD and ANN COSTELLO

Quality, Cost, and Coverage: Examining the Federal Employees' Health Insurance Plan by RICHARD CHARD

An Evaluation of a Medicaid Managed Maternity Program: The Impact of Comprehensive Care Coordination on Utilization and Pregnancy Outcome by CARROLL S. NASON, GREG R ALEXANDER, MARY ANN PASS, and JOHN M. BOLLAND

2001 Articles

Vol. 24, No. 1

Hospital Restructuring and Nursing Staff Well Being: The Role of Personal Resources by RONALD J. BURKE and ESTHER R. GREENGLASS

The Regulation of Outpatient Services: An Analysis of the Interaction Between HCFA and Medicare Providers by JOSEPH P. WEINGARTEN

Modern Medical Genetics: A Systems Approach by HON FONG L. MARK and ROGER J. DEVEAU

Zero-Sum Politics, the Herbert Thesis and the Ryan White Care Act: Lessons from the Local Side of AIDS by JAMES D. SLACK

Effects of Institutional Services and Characteristics on Use of Postacute Care Settings by WILLIAM BUCZKO

Vol. 24, No. 2

HIV Transmission Risks of Females and Males in Paired Partner Relationships by DAVID F. SLY, DIANNE F. HARRISON, TRENT W. MOORE, and HOSANA SOLER

Gaps between HIV/AIDS Policies and Treatment in Correctional Facilities by ADANSI A. AMANKWAA, AL BAVON, and LINDA C. AMANKWAA

AIDS-Related Knowledge and Behavior among Married Kenyan Men: A Behavioral Paradox? by F. NII-AMOO DODOO and AKOSUA ADOMAKO AMPOFO

Correlates of HIV/AIDS-Related Knowledge and Preventive Behavior of Men in Africa by BAFFOUR K. TAKYI

Vol. 24, No. 3

HIV AIDS and Young Age Widowhood in Sub-Saharan Africa by JACOB A. ADETUNJI

Population Movements and the Spread of HIV/AIDS in Mozambique by KAREN F. FOREIT, AVERTINO T.L. BARRETO P. ANTONIO NOYA ISABEL, and NHATAVE

A Population Ecology Study of Hospital Closures in Florida Between 1965 and 1995 by RONALD NYHAN, MARY BETH FERRANDO, and DONALD CLARE

Medicine, Government and the Human Genome by JAMES S. LARSON

Creating an Ethically-Sound Model of Decision-Making by Managed Care Organizations Providing Care to Children by SUSAN ZINNER-KEMP

Factors Accociated with the Provision of Uncompensated Care in Pennsylvania Hospitals by MICHAEL D. ROSKO

Vol. 23, No. 4
Hospital Restructuring and Downsizing: Taking Stock

Introduction by RONALD J. BURKE

Hospital Reengineering: An Evolving Management Innovation - History, Current Status and Future Direction by STEPHEN LEE WALSTON, LINDA D. URDEN, and PATRICIA SULLIVAN

Managing the Consequences of Hospital Cutbacks: The Role of Workforce Reduction Practices by KENT V. RONDEAU and TERRY H. WAGAR

Downsizing-initiated Job Transfer of Hospital Nurses: How Do the Job Transferees Fare? by MARJORIE ARMSTRONG-STASSEN, SHEILA J. CAMERON, and MARTHA E. HORSBURGH

Hospital Restructuring: Impact On Nurses Mediated By Social Support And A Perception Of Challenge by KATHLEEN A. MOORE

2000 Articles

Vol. 23, No. 1

Physician Unionization In The United States: Fad Or Phenomenon? by TIMOTHY J. HOFF

Gaining Strategic Advantages Through Partnerships With Public Health Departments by W. MICHAEL REID, DAVID P. PAGE, DENNIS V. COOKRO, IRA G. MANDEL, RUSSEL M. HOSTETLER, and KATHERINE P. MASON

Hospital Competition In Major U.S. Metropolitan Areas: Empirical Evidence by PATRICK ASURBONTENG RIVERS, SAUNDRA GLOVER, and GEORGE MUNCHUS

Medical Students' And Doctors' Perceptions About Medicaid: A Content Analysis by KRISTIN BYARS and BRIAN PAYNE

International Health And Emerging Infectious Diseases by WILLIAM EBOMOYI and JOSEPHINE I. EBOMOYI

Conflict Of Interest: Organizational Vs. Executive Ethics In Health Care by CAROLE L. JURKIEWICZ and CAROLYN R. THOMPSON

Vol. 23, No. 2

The Politics and Policies of Caring For the Elderly In An Age of Retirement by LAURA KATZ OLSON

The Interests Of Three Stakeholders In Independent Personal Care For Disabled Elders by SHARON M. KEIGHER

The Demographic, Economic, And Health Profile Of Older Latinos: Implications For Health And Long-Term Care Policy And The Latinos Family by VALENTINE M. VILLA and MARIA P. ARANDA

Issues Confronting Lesbian And Gay Elders: The Challenge For Health And Human Services Providers by JACALYN A. CLAES and WAYNE MOORE

Aging In America: Challenges And Strategies For Health Care Delivery by ESTHER M. FORTI, JAMES A. JOHNSON, and DAVID R. GRABER

Redesign In The Long-Term Care Industry: A Restraint Reduction Or Restraint Elimination Program In The Nursing Home by BILL WILEY

Vol. 23, No. 3
Examining the Changing Structure of the American Health Care System: A Symposium

Introduction by MARY ANN FELDHEIM

Administrators And Mergers: A Study Of Administrators' Perceptions by MARY ANN FELDHEIM

Medicaid Managed Care And Provider Consolidation by GABRTELA S. WOLFSON and JEFFREY C. TALBERT

Protecting The Public Interest: Issues In Contracting Managed Behavioral Health Care by JULIA ROBINSON and THOMAS CLAY

The Role Of A County Health Department As A Linking-Pin Organization In A Network by JOHN ZANETICH

Strategic Management And Health Workforce Policy by JOHN A. VALENTINE

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