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This journal addresses the specific area of virtue ethics for professionals. As the world moves to a more global society in which virtue ethics is more important, this publication explores how ethics can be enhanced to upgrade the quality of our professional organizations.

Editor: Cynthia E. Lynch
University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley
Edinburg, Texas 78539
Managing Editor: Rachel Emas
Rutgers University - Newark
Newark, New Jersey 07102

2016 Articles

Vol. 7, No. 2

Editorial Observations by CYNTHIA E. LYNCH

The Great Conversation and the Ethics of Inclusion by PAUL A. WAGNER and GRACIELA LOPEZ

Upholding Ethical Conduct in Public Professional Organizations: An Assessment of ICMA?s Code of Ethics by ABRAHAM DAVID BENAVIDES and LISA DICKE

Teaching the Virtues of Sustainability as Flourishing to Undergraduate Business Students by PETER MCGHEE and PATRICIA GRANT

Finding an Ethical Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Jharia Coalfields (India) by ANUPAM GHOSH, ASWETA KUMARI SINGH and SHWETA BHARTI

Reconciling Ethical Asymmetry in Agency Oversight: Striving for Eudaimonia Among Legislative Abstract Staff in West Virginia by MICHAEL ROSS POTTER

How Sour Is the Apple Inc.? What the Rest of the World Can Learn about Financial Reporting from Apple?s Less Than Exemplary Role Modeling by KEVIN A. DIEHL

Vol. 7, No. 3
Positive Peace: Exploring its Roots and Potential for Public Administration

Editors' Introduction by PATRICIA M. SHIELDS and GRANT RISSLER

The Peace of God in its Fullness by BRAD HIGHUM and LYNNAE SORENSEN

Building the Fabric of Peace: Jane Addams and Peaceweaving by PATRICIA M. SHIELDS

Peace and Liberation Theology by JAVIER (JAY) ALANIS

Peace in Its Fullness: Biblical Perspectives on Aspects of Peace by MICHAEL FLOYD

Peace: Shalom is more than the Absence of War by ALAN FREEDMAN

May They be One in Us: a Spirituality of Peace by SEAN SPRINGER

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