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The Journal of Health and Human Services Administration (JHHSA) began publication in 1978 as the Journal of Health and Human Resources Administration. It is a blind-refereed journal dedicated to publishing articles, symposia and book reviews in all areas of health, hospital and welfare administration and management.

Editor: Mary Ann Feldheim

ASPA Affiliated with ASPA's Section on Health and Human Services Administration

Affiliated with the School of Public Administration at the University of Central Florida

2016 Articles

Vol. 39, No. 1
Public Health, Healthcare Administration, Health Economics & Finance around the World


Healthcare Forecasting in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by HASSAN YOUNIES, RAED J.K. ELZENATY, SWAPNA GANTASALA, and EMEKA NWAGWU

A Post Analysis of a Preventive and Chronic Healthcare Tool by BROOKE D. BORRAYO and HENRY O'LAWRENCE

Earnings Management In U.S. Hospitals by GANG NATHAN DONG

Costs Of Depression from Claims Data for Medicare Recipients in a Population-Based Sample by PIERRE K. ALEXANDRE, SEUNGYOUNG HWANG, KIMBERLY B. ROTH, JOSEPH J. GALLO and WILLIAM W. EATON

Quantitative Assessment of Some Preventive Health Services Provided for Adolescent Individuals in Dubai by HAMDA KHANSAHEB, AYMAN HUSSEIN, SAMER HAMIDI, DAVID BROWN and MUSTAFA Z. YOUNIS

Factors Associated with the Uptake of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) Tablets as Household Water-Treatment Product among Caregivers of Children under Five in Benin, West Africa by JOSEPH N. INUNGU, CYPRIEN E. ZINSOU, MUSTAFA Z. YOUNIS and NARCISSE SINGBO

An Overview of the Efficacy of the 12-Step Group Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment by JAMES GAMBLE and HENRY O'LAWRENCE

Vol. 39, No. 2
Public Health, Healthcare Administration, Health Economics & Finance around the World, part II

Effect of GNI on Infant Mortality Rate in Low Income, Lower Middle Income, Upper Middle Income and High Income Countries by DR. SABEENA JALAL, NAJIB ULLAH KHAN and MUSTAFA Z. YOUNIS

Evaluation of the Family Medicine Practice in Ankara Province by Family Physicians by DİLAVER TENGİLİMOĞLU, WAFAA MENAWİ, METİN DİN?ER, ADNAN KİSA and M. Z. YOUNİS

Implications of DSM-5 for Health Care Organizations and Mental Health Policy by RICHARD J. CASTILLO and KRISTINA L. GUO

Is Accreditation Sufficient? A Case Study and Argument for Transparency when Government Regulatory Authority is Delegated by MARY ELEANOR WICKERSHAM and STEPHANIE BASEY

Common Risk Factors Associated with Adolescent and Young Adult Depression by SWENDA MOREH and HENRY O'LAWRENCE

Vol. 38, No. 4

Perceived Racial Discrimination Among Home Health Aides: Evidence From A National Survey by DOOHEE LEE, IVAN MUSLIN and MARJORIE MCINERNEY

Panacea Or Placebo? An Evaluation Of The Value Of Emotional Intelligence In Healthcare Workers by ELIZABETH A. VANDEWAA, DAVID L. TURNIPSEED and GEORGIE CAIN

Talk Nerdy to Me: The Role of Intellectual Stimulation in the Supervisor-Employee Relationship by JACK SMOTHERS, RANDA DOLEH, KEVIN CELUCH, JOY PELUCHETTE and KEVIN VALADARES

National Incidence Of Medical Transfer: Patient Characteristics And Regional Variation by ANDREW REIMER, NICHOLAS SCHILTZ, SIRAN M KOROUKIAN and ELIZABETH A MADIGAN

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