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Public Finance and Management is an international interdisciplinary journal devoted to increasing knowledge of public finance and administration through policy analysis, empirical research, and theoretical inquiry. All submissions will be subject to double-blind peer review.

Editor: M. Peter van der Hoek

2016 Articles

Vol. 16, No. 1
Symposium on the Reform of Public Finance Management in China part 2


Government Expenditures and Equity of Opportunity in China by SHEN GUO, HEBO HU, LEZHENG LIU and XUNDONG YIN

Does the Province-Managing-County Reform Promote the Growth of County Finance and Local Economy in China? An Empirical Case Study on Henan Province by LINA LI, NANNAN LIU and XIAOPING ZHENG

Fiscal Policies for Coordinated Urban-Rural Development and their Policy Relevance for the People's Republic of China by ANWAR SHAH

Single article: Selective enforcement and Rent Extraction by ALEXANDER CARTWRIGHT

Vol. 16, No. 2
Symposium on Public Pensions

Introduction to the Symposium by NANCY MOHAN and TING ZHANG

What factors affect the underfunding of local pensions? Evidence from Indiana by DAGNEY FAULK, MICHAEL HICKS and LARITA KILLIAN

The Effects of Tax and Expenditure Limits on Municipal Pension and OPEB Funding during the Great Recession by CRAIG S. MAHER, SUNGHO PARK and JAMES HARROLD

The impact of late-term pay raises on teacher pension obligations in three states: California, Illinois, New Jersey by MARGUERITE ROZA and JESSICA JONOVSKI

Reforming Canada?s retirement savings system ? solutions for a non-existent problem? by VIJAY JOG and IAN LEE

Book review of Palgrave ?Dictionary of Emerging Markets and Transition Economies by ALAIN DE CROMBRUGGHE

Vol. 16, No. 3

The Influence of Research & Development Policy on Business-Sector Performance: The Baltic States in the EU by JANNO REILJAN, INGRA PALTSER AND TARMO PUOLOKAINEN

Sub-Provincial Fiscal Conditions in China: Local Fiscal Autonomy and Inter-Jurisdictional Disparities by PING ZHANG AND QIANG REN

Fiscal Federalism in Transition Countries: The Three Baltic States Compared by NICO GROENENDIJK AND ANNIKA JAANSOO

Central Falls' Bankruptcy and the Principle of Shared Pain by JAMES L. TATUM III

Book review of "Is Your City Healthy? Measuring Urban Fiscal Health" by PETER B. BOORSMA

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