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Legal Policy: Models of Legal Services in Brazil and the U.S.A.

IJED, Vol. 2 No. 2, (2000)

One should not compare oranges and apples nor the Instituto Apoio Judridico Popular (IAJUP), the most important Brazilian “alternative” legal service,(2) and the Center for Public Representation (CPR), a wellknown legal organization in the United States. Despite some common characteristics – both are nonprofit organizations, both focus on lower classes’ legal demands and both aim to change their social and political environments – IAJUP and CPR represent distinct answers to specific problems of Brazilian and American societies. Both respond to different demands and intellectual debates, to specific traditions of justice, citizenship and ethics, and to their own political context. Nevertheless, although their characteristics make the comparison of the Instituto Apoio Jurídico Popular and the Center for Public Representation difficult, doing so can provide many useful insights for a future analysis of legal services concerned with social demands.

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