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Enhancing Public Productivity: A Unified Approach

PAM, Vol. 12 No. 1, (2007)

Florida International University’s Institute of Government
and Metropolitan Center have completed four years of a
“reengineering” process at the Miami-Dade Housing
Agency, one of the largest Public Housing Agencies (PHA)
in the nation. Consistent with Elaine Morley’s approach
(1988), this effort has required rethinking everything from
filing and record keeping to management information
systems (MIS) redesign to performance appraisal conduct.
Per Osborne and Plastrik’s (2000) work, fiscal crisis—in
this case, actual and threatened cuts in federal support—has
been a critical catalyst to the reengineering effort.
Management and street-level staff alike have come to
realize that the agency must become more efficient and
responsive to stakeholder needs, and has done so through
systems redesign.

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