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Reconciliation of Work and Family Life in Switzerland

GPS, Vol. 6 No. 3, (2010)

This chapter examines the reconciliation policies of Switzerland in a com-parative manner. In the first part of the chapter, Swiss reconciliation policies are discussed with a special focus on the different federal level of Switzer-land. Two areas of reconciliation policies are described: leave and care poli-cies. In both fields, Switzerland is first compared to 21 other western demo-cracies and afterwards, the policies are discussed in detail for Switzerland. The second part of the chapter aims at explaining the lower state support for reconciliation policies in Switzerland by using two factors that have been identified as important for the different levels of reconciliation policies in international research. These factors are the decentralization of a country and women in politics. As the chapter shows, in both of these factors Swit-zerland takes a special stand compared to other countries. This may explain the low state support for these policies.

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