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Towards E-Government 2.0: An Assessment of Where E-Government 2.0 is and Where It Is Headed

PAM, Vol. 15 No. 2, (2010)

The aim of electronic government (e-government) is to increase the convenience and accessibility of government services and information. E-government’s past emphasized the automation of routine government operations. Modern e-government centers on Web-based delivery of information and services. As the Internet moves away from version 1.0, the author examines the literature for evidence and best practices on the adoption and use to date of Web 2.0 technologies in government. Despite evidence that Web 2.0 technologies have the potential to enhance knowledge management and citizen engagement, there remains a weak body of evidence on its adoption and usage. The essay explores the early evidence and suggests a path towards realization of the promise that e-government 2.0 holds. The path involves support and collaboration from a diverse set of stakeholders to study the impact of, as well as develop best practices for, using Web 2.0 technologies to improve government services and public administration.

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