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Role of University in the Partnership for IT innovations of Community Development: Utilizing Universities\\\' Assets for \\\'Neighborhood Information System\\\' Development

PAM, Vol. 11 No. 2, (2006)

This paper explores the role of universities in the partnership for developing a Neighborhood Information System (NIS), which aims to help community development. NIS is a hybrid application of Geographical Information System (GIS) and web technologies that provides demographic, social and economic information to community stakeholders. Government agencies, non profit organizations, and community organizations engage in decision making process for community development and NISs are designed to help information sharing, and effective and participatory decision makings for community development stakeholders. The use of partnerships has emerged as a dominant strategy to develop an NIS. This paper studies partnership issues in Public-Nonprofit-Private Partnerships with a focus on the role of universities and illustrates potential contributions of universities in the partnership ventures. While this paper looks mainly at the role of a university in the partnership network, further research is being conducted to investigate partnership dynamics as a whole.

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