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Transition from Unemployment to Work and the Role of Active Labour Market Policies during the Lisbon Strategy Period and the Economic Crisis

GPS, Vol. 7 No. 1, (2011)

This paper analyses how European countries have fared in terms of labour
market outcomes during the Lisbon Strategy period, and, particularly, in the
first phase of the economic crisis. Focussing on transitions from unemployment
to work and how these transitions can be bridged through active labour
market policies (ALMPs) it aims at answering the following questions: Is it
possible to observe within Europe as a whole common trends shaped by the
European Employment Strategy (EES) and fostered through policy learning?
Or do countries remain confined within their logic of path-dependent
developments? What role has the economic crisis played? Does it constitute
a break or do the countries that performed well during the EES also remain
on track during the economic crisis? To answer these questions both European
labour force survey data for EU27 countries and more detailed administrative
data (for Denmark, Germany and UK only) will be used.

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