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The Field of Transport Policy: An Initial Approach

GPS, Vol. 7 No. 2, (2011)

The field of transport policy in Germany and the EU is characterized by an extraordinary discrepancy between programmatic goals and real transport development. In this article, the field of transport policy will be examined on two levels: First, the discourse of transport policy and the establishment of the central idea of an integrated transport policy will be analyzed. It can be shown that the central idea of an integrated transport policy marks a break with the former ecological discourse and its critical potential in favor of a consensus strategy. Second, the configuration of stakeholders in the field of transport and their particular understanding of an integrated trans-port policy will be studied. Thus, it can be explained how certain interests prevail while others succumb. By the combination of a discourse analysis and an actor-centered policy approach, an insight in the complex policy field with its different stakeholders with diverse interests is possible. As a result, the field of transport policy will become more transparent and there-fore support a public debate about future transport policy.

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