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Governance Failures in Integrated Transport Policy – On the Mismatch of ‘Co-opetition’ in Multi-Level Systems

GPS, Vol. 7 No. 2, (2011)

The article focuses on the puzzle of rather weak effects of Integrated Trans-port Policy (ITP) despite vigorous efforts to promote this program for sus-tainable transportation. It is argued that the deflating output performances and impacts of ITP are due to difficulties in combining governance modes adequately. The concept of co-opetition in ITP, i.e. the complementary link-age of competition and cooperation, could not have been realized. Two ITP programs investigated here reveal the threefold problem of regulated inter-action. Evidence from the research program on “Mobility in Agglomera-tions” and from the program on integrated freight villages shows failures of local public private cooperation in itself, failures in relation with other governance modes on the same jurisdictional level, and failures within the inter-play in the multi-level system of European transport policy.

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