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PAM, Vol. 16 No. 2, (2011)

This special issue in Public Administration & Management will address the issue of “Economic Crisis and Public Management.” Over three years have passed since the collapse of the Wall Street investment bank of Lehman Brothers which initiated the greatest financial crisis since the beginning of the Great Depression of 1929. A growing number of economic analysts believe that the present crisis may eclipse that of the Great Depression. It appears that this crisis will be protracted – lasting years, not months – and its long-term consequences will be far-reaching, specifically as this impacts government and public management. History is being made, and the world that emerges from this crisis will be very different from that which existed prior to the Lehman Brothers collapse of September 15, 2008. In fact, the scale of economic breakdown is difficult to comprehend. No previous event in economic history has involved the sums of money, in the trillions of dollars, that have been squandered by the governments of the United States and Europe to prop up the banks and financial institutions whose reckless activities triggered the global meltdown. The economic calamity has in fact impacted economies throughout the world. Thus the focus of this symposium will not only be placed on the United States, it will also include an international dimension: Cuba.

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