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Incrementalism in Cuba: Democratic-Economic Reforms and Sustainable Management

PAM, Vol. 16 No. 2, (2011)

Much of the Cuban economy came to depend on the majority of its exports sold to the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries. Yet when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989, Cuba found itself in a state of economic depression. Cuba then began searching for an economic strategy that would salvage its economy while not abandoning its socialist and Marxist revolution. Eventually Cuba opted for an economic and environmental policy strategy based on the principles of sustainable economic development. In doing so, Cuba has simultaneously implemented piecemeal democratic reforms at local levels throughout the country. Cuba is also starting to address their struggles with poverty through sustainable development policies. This investigation will focus on the economic and environmental transitions that are currently under way in Cuba. It will also explore the particular economic and environmental strategies that Cuba is implementing on an incremental basis.

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