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Managerial Networking of Public and Private Sector: A Study of Thai Executives

PAM, Vol. 10 No. 4, (2005)

This research proposes a perspective of managerial networking
based on an integration of resource dependence theory and social
exchange theory. In order to test applicability of the proposed
framework, the study conceptualizes five critical elements of managerial
networking, namely motives, activities, relational development, relational
strength, and performance due to networking that explain the managerial
networking mechanism. All statistical analyses revealed that motives for
managerial networking, networking exchange activities, networking
relational development and networking relational strength are positively
and significantly associated with performance contributed to individual
and organizational levels due to their managerial networking. In
addition, it w as found that the conceptual fram ew ork’s explanatory
power was similar in two different sub-groups of sample.

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