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The Challenges of Aging Toward Chinese Society

PAM, Vol. 10 No. 3, (2005)

China has already become an aging society. The rapid growth
of the older population presents many unique problems for the Chinese
society. One of them is the care that is given to the aging people. With
the traditions in China, the care for elders has originally been the
responsibility of younger family members. In the last two decades,
great changes have taken place in Chinese society, such as the change
of family structure and care-giving values for elder people. Care
giving has become an issue not only to the family but also to the
society. This paper will focus on how social change and the rapid
growth rate of the aging population have influenced China’s family
care-giving traditions, and how changes of the family structure and
social values affect the needs of institutionalized care systems. This
paper will also discuss the existing problems of the institutionalized
care systems, such as the quality of the services and the limitations of
the current social security system. This paper will provide suggestions
for the improvement of institutionalized care services in China.

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