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Harnessing Economic and Population Growth in Nigeria Using Information and Communication Technology

IJED, Vol. 14 No. 2, (2021)

Telecommunications and information services, which is a subfield of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) serves as a source of revenue and means of economic diversification for some of the most populous nation in the world. The contribution of Telecommunications and information services to Gross Domestic Product of these populous nations for example China, USA, India, Indonesia has expanded these countries’ sources of national income, thus creating jobs, enhancing Human Capital Development, enhancing digitisation of such economies, the sustenance of these economies and providing room for diversification of the economy. The paper reviews relevant literatures on population growth and economic growth, the role of ICT in harnessing economic growth amid population growth. More so, a time series analysis is carried out to forecast a twelve-year GDP on Telecommunications and information services to Gross Domestic Product at current basic prices for Nigeria. The forecasting predicted a continuous increase in GDP, thus increased source of national revenue, the possibility of diversifying the Nigerian Economy via the Telecommunications and information services sector.

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