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Linking Geriatric Empowerment with Sustainable Development

IJED, Vol. 14 No. 2, (2021)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the UNO in 2015 as a universal call to end poverty, Protect Planet and to ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. Hence, the development policies must balance social, economic and environment sustainability. Sustainable development is also about meeting the needs of people in different communities, social cohesion, creating equal opportunities to ensure a healthy society. The rapid graying of population is a common problem world over. The magnitude of the problem differs from countries to countries. With urbanization and rising costs of living, the need for adequate old age support programs arises. The paper finds that our old population needs to be taken care and needs to be empowered with rights to safeguard their vulnerability and intergenerational equity. The SDGs goals call for partnership of government, private sector, the civil society and the citizens. The rise in longevity of life calls for more savings to look after the rising medical costs andthe cost of living. With the waning of joint family system in India, there is a great degree of insecurity for the ageing parents. Also, due to the absence of a social security system in India, the old population becomes more prone to sufferings .There is a great need to show them respect and dignity on humanitarian grounds. Objective: This paper wants to emphasize that preserving the dignity of the old population by ensuring the basic amenities of life as an essential step towards an inclusive environment and preventing poverty. Methods: The paper emphasises the need for more old centric programs in the interest of economy, equity and environment. Results: Efforts towards healthier India by allowing the private sector to partner the government in provision of affordable and comprehensive health care are steps in the right direction. Also, efforts to control inflation and secure higher returns on old age savings should be a priority for achieving equity and sustainable development. Discussion: There is a great need to design policies which make life more comfortable and worth living. Though in India, many recent efforts towards bettering the life of the old may have been taken, but much needs to be done. Our elders are our valuable assets and they should not be deprived of the basic right to live a respectful life.
Keywords:, health care. Intergenerational equity, poverty, social inclusion, sustainable development

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