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The Impact of Collaborative Innovation on The Cultural Industries’ Earning Function in a Developing Country

IJED, Vol. 15 No. 2, (2022)

This article identifies the effects of collaborative innovation on the earning function of cultural industries in a developing country which is Cameroon, subject which has not yet been tackled in this geographical area. The use of a logit model provides a low probability of artist satisfaction of about 46.11%, deteriorated mainly by economic, financial and individual factors. As for the factors of collaborative innovation, they provide positive effects as the following: -the functioning of artists in creative and production cooperatives improves their perception of gain by 12.15%, -the membership of a formal industry in a dissemination of knowledge and innovation improves its level of gain by 13.42%, -subsidies to production and creation from patrons lead to an improvement in their gain of 27.17%. On the other hand, industries that receive government subsidies see a significant reduction in their gain of 37.79%. This requires an improvement of the incentive framework set up by the State.

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