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Marketing of Agricultural Products and Role of Extension Service in Mezam, Cameroon

IJED, Vol. 16 No. 1, (2023)

The Marketing of Agricultural Products: the role of Agricultural Extension Service Delivery in Mezam Division, Cameroon has as objectives: to analyze the relationship between Agricultural extension service and the marketing of agricultural product and to evaluate the relationship between extension service and marketing of agricultural product by gender of household head. Methodologically, the study employed IV-2SLS model, using primary data collected among farmers in the Mezam using a well-structured questionnaire. The result shows that agricultural extension services has a positive and significant effect on the marketing of agricultural products. The result is both a male and female farmers’ phenomenon, though with a stronger magnitude among female farmers. The study suggest that decision makers should increase the activities of extension service delivery in the agricultural sector, it is a wise step towards economic development.

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