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The Multilevel Effect of Administration on Technical Output in Public Schools: A Cross-National Study of Managerial Behavior and Individual Performance

PAM, Vol. 8 No. 1, (2003)

This cross-national analysis considers the influence of administrative
performance accountability on technical output in public schools through the
implementation of rigorous standards and administrative centralization. As a public and
compulsory social institution in most nations, schools are among the most permeable
public organizations in the world. This study suggests that school administrators follow
legitimate models of managerial behavior, but that managerial behavior varies between
and within school systems with different levels of administrative centralization. Using a
three-level multivariate regression, this study finds evidence that variation in school
administrators’ managerial behaviors has little consistent or significant influence on
variation in the technical output of the organization. The evidence also suggests that
models determined by degree of administrative centralization at the national system level
add little to the influence of school administrators’ managerial behavior on the technical
output of school organizations..

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