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Local Government Management in Nepal: An Urban Perspective

PAM, Vol. 8 No. 2, (2003)

Governments in both developed and developing countries are turning towards New Public Management (NPM) of their local bodies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public service. The question remains however, whether this move towards more flexible public management is practiced as stated and if this approach is a feasible option for countries like Nepal. This article outlines the key aspects of NPM and analyses how far the Nepalese Government has moved the process from a formal to a flexible management arrangement for its local government institutions and whether this approach is feasible in a Nepalese context. The paper finds that flexible public management at the local level should be pursued but that Nepal is still far from its intention of transforming the local bodies to become effective service facilitators, thus emphasizing the need for adjusting the relatively culture blind NPM approach to the local context.

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