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Ethics and Integrity: What Australian Organizations Seek and Offer in Recruitment Advertisements

PAM, Vol. 7 No. 4, (2002)

Despite widespread agreement surrounding the importance of
ethical standards, little agreement exists as to how organizations should
proceed. While some authors suggest that organizations are responsible for
their ethical environment, others see individual ethical standards as more
critical. General agreement does exist on the need for organizations to
possess and communicate positive messages about their ethical precepts.
Organizations seen in a positive ethical light will acquire enhanced
reputations, and are more likely to attract ethical employees. This
exploratory study examined Australian job vacancy advertisements,
assessing organizational communication to potential employees in terms of
ethics and related concepts. The study found that most organizations
make little effort to communicate ethical requirements to potential
employees or to address the importance of ethics in them. Implications for
employers and for further research are discussed.

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