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Utilization of the WWW by City and County Governments in the State of Arkansas

PAM, Vol. 5 No. 2, (2000)

The primary purpose of this investigation was to analyze the utilization trends of the World Wide Web by city and county governments in the state of Arkansas. A secondary purpose was to identify the convenience in accessing city and county government web pages by the respective constituents. Web pages for city and county governments in the state of Arkansas (n = 77) were identified from inquiries on multiple Internet search engines and related sites. The sample was analyzed and data was categorized related to the ownership, service availability, and private sponsorship of the web site. The research findings indicate that most city and county government web pages in the state of Arkansas maintain information about the municipality, elected officials, and contact information including E-mail and appropriate phone numbers. Few opportunities existed for the average citizen to electronically interact with the local government outside of E-mail. Using Internet search engines to find local government web sites is a difficult and time consuming challenge that must be considered by the public administrator when promoting a web site.

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