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Creating the Future through Relationships: A Native-American View of Modern Administration

GVER, Vol. 4 No. 1, (2003)

This paper examines public administration from the perspective of the traditional Native-American culture. The context of modern public administration is defined in terms of the pervasiveness of control. Common themes found in Native-American culture are then juxtaposed against public administration practice to illustrate the possibility that bureaucratic control over people and events is artificial. This reflection seems to show other dimensions of administration where new possibilities emerge for change through relationships. A re-thinking of public administration as a concluding integration of both Western and Native-American worldviews attempts to re-conceptualize public administration and challenges the reader to think of new pathways for creative thought and action. Implications are that consensus and informal relationships achieve the best results in actual practice and when administration is viewed as a multi-dimensional human enterprise based on interdependence.

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