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The EU Accession And ECE Parliaments: A Hungarian Approach

GPS, Vol. 1 No. 4, (2001)

The paper first outlines the conceptual framework of the early consolidation as the recent stage of development in the East Central European (ECE) countries. In analysing the process of accession to the EU, the paper focuses on the role of the ECE parliaments that has been an "underresearched" field. The role of parliament has been discussed in three major aspects. First, in its legislative function as legal and political harmonization with the EU, i.e. passing the acts for the Europeanization. Second, the ECE parliaments have the function of aggregating the particular interests into a national interest by providing a public and transparent forum for discussion and interest reconciliation. Third, they have a communicative function given their high visibility, therefore they have to inform the public at large about the latest events of the EU accession and to prepare the populations for the participation in the EU referendum as well as for the support of the EU membership.

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