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Implementation Of The Eu Law In The Czech Republic: A Comparative Perspective

GPS, Vol. 1 No. 4, (2001)

This article deals with selected constitutional law aspects of the European integration. First, the variants of relation between acquis communautaire and the national legal orders of several Western and Central European countries are analyzed. The author takes notice that there is no need for a special form of integration; however, he argues that such a solution would be more suitable. The sense of the integration legal provision is in the confirmation by the member states that they create the power of the unified communities. The legislative acts of this power intervene in the national legal orders of the member states, and are superior to the national law. This article also deals with the European integration models: the functional, the substantive and the procedural. The article concludes that it is possible to expect, in the case of the Czech Republic, an inclination towards the functional model.

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