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Campus Europae

GPS, Vol. 2 No. 3, (2002)

After predominantly US and Australian universities recognised and actively embraced globalisation more than a decade ago, the 1999 “Bologna Process” has now led most European universities and governments to actively promote the internationalisation of the university system. By doing so, they have recognised that a Europe of culture and education, which must develop alongside a Europe of trade, industry and currency – if the unification process is to succeed – can only be brought about if future graduates as the top performers of European societies, experience the European concept of “unity in diversity” as a significant component of their education, and thus develop to both sensibly and productively use this diversity as a unique resource. Great productivity potential lies in the exchange between European cultures, and appropriate structures and forms of co-operation are being developed within the framework of Campus Europae to exploit this potential in a university context.

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