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Consumer Citizen: The Constitution of Consumer Democracy in Sociological Perspective

GPS, Vol. 4 No. 1, (2008)

This paper approaches the question of whether and how consumers
as “consumer citizens” establish consumer democracy. It will do
so by drawing on various theoretical building blocks from sociology.
The paper will make use of the different dimensions contained
in the notion of constitution, starting with the constitution of the
social through action, through the politico-legal or institutional
conditions constituting the consumer citizen, to the current state of
the consumer citizen. Specifically, the consumer citizen will be
briefly discussed in five steps: from the angles of general social
theory, socialization theory, the theory of modern society, from the
view of current social trends, and in the light of considerations
from the theory of democracy. The Internet, as a new means of
consumer networking, will serve as an empirical research area for
exemplifying and specifying the theoretical considerations.

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