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Assessing the Role of IPRs to Foster R&D: The Case of Vaccines and Drug for Negleted Diseases

IJED, Vol. 6 No. 4, (2004)

The role of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)s as incentive for innovation in the pharmaceutical sector has been a considerable concern by different bodies at national and international level. This paper analyses the inadequacy of IPRs to foster Research and Development (R&D) for vaccines and drugs for neglected diseases, mainly in importance for developing countries. Based on this, the paper discusses in how far IPRs encourage innovation in different national and socioeconomic contexts. Special emphasis is also given to the need to take the nature of different markets and the level of economic development into account in the making of global IPR frameworks. The paper makes a contribution to debates on the role of health care for development by discussing a range of mechanisms that may support health care R&D. Such framework can be used to address public health goals.

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