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Implementation of a Healthcare Information System in Lithuania

IJED, Vol. 8 No. 3, (2006)

This paper presents a general overview of the process of implementing a hospital information system in Lithuania, one of the post-Soviet transitional economies in the Baltic Region. This country was chosen in order to illustrate an example of the many issues and tasks undertaken by a new member of the European Union to reorganize its healthcare system to provide an improved level of care previously unavailable to its population under Soviet administration. This reorganization focused on the European Union eHealth action plan that defines a number of targets. The first target was for all member states to develop roadmaps for eHealth by the end of 2005 in anticipation for supporting the deployment of health information networks based on fixed and wireless broadband, mobile infrastructures, and Grid technologies by 2008. This eHealth strategy, called Baltic eHealth, would develop a transnational digital eHealth infrastructure based partly on existing data networks. This paper presents how a teleradiology application was implemented within this eHealth program into a healthcare system with limited resources but needing to improve service quality while expanding its capacity to meet increasing demand.

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